The Illinois FOP Labor Council

The Labor Council provides full union representation: negotiating and enforcing contracts, improving salaries, working conditions, and benefits for law enforcement professionals throughout Illinois. Our members are protected 24 hours a day by a staff of full-time, in-house attorneys and field representatives who have a proven track record of winning.

24 Hour Critical Incident Hotline: 877-IFOP-911

By IL FOP Labor Council, Staff


Troopers Lodge 41, Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge and Labor Council, and Police Benevolent & Protective Association Endorse Senator McCann

            SPRINGFIELD/JACKSONVILLE – The Illinois Troopers Lodge 41, Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) State Lodge and Labor Council, and the Illinois Police Benevolent and Protective Association (PB&PA) of Illinois have all endorsed Senator Sam McCann for re-election in Senate District 50. Senator McCann, a Republican, has served our communities since 2011.

            "Senator McCann has always been there for State Troopers on law enforcement issues,” said Illinois Troopers Lodge 41 President Joe Moon. “He knows us, he knows the district, and he strongly and capably represents his constituents and all public sector employees.”

            “For years, Senator Sam McCann has shown strength and resiliency representing our communities in Springfield,” said FOP State Lodge President Chris Southwood. “Senator McCann has shown that the men and women that wear the uniform and protect and serve our citizens can depend on him to support their efforts.”

            “Senator Sam McCann is one of the good guys. During elections, we see and hear a lot of promises to support law enforcement. It’s nice, but when it comes to fighting for the rank and file law enforcement officer, Senator McCann’s record shows that it isn’t just talk, it's action,” said FOP Labor Council Executive Director David Wickster. “We support Senator McCann because of his support of law enforcement.”

           “Since Senator McCann is regularly in the communities throughout his district, from Springfield, Jacksonville, and Jerseyville to Pittsfield and Carrollton, he knows first-hand the struggles within our communities,” said Illinois PB&PA Director Sean Smoot. “He further understands the unique needs of those in law enforcement and works hard to ensure the safety of our officers and the public.”

            “To have the support of all of law enforcement during this campaign is both humbling and extremely important to me. I do my best to travel the district so that I know what is occurring. From Sangamon and Morgan County, to Jersey and Pike County along the Mississippi River, the problems facing our citizens and those that protect and serve us vary,” said Senator McCann. “For the men and women who protect and serve us, the least I can do is to help them do their job and make our communities safer.”

            Senator McCann lives in Plainview and is the owner and president of McCann Construction in Carlinville. Sam and his wife, Vicki, have a son, Trayton, and a daughter, Katherine. Senator McCann has served in the Illinois Senate since January 2011. He currently serves on the Agriculture, Environment & Conservation, Higher Education, Local Government, and Public Health Committees.

By Shawn Roselieb, Assistant Executive Director


We would like to assure our members that the data breach of the FOP Grand Lodge does NOT include data held by the Labor Council.

On Thursday Janurary 29th, the databases and private forums of the FOP Grand Lodge web site were breached by an unknown hacker or hackers (claims of this being the work of the hacking group "Anonymous" have been debunked), and data taken from the site released to the Internet. Accourding to FOP president Chuck Canterbury, "the data [breech] is a complete [breech] of our data". Reports so far have publicized private forum posts and some contract information.

We are taking extra security measures in light of these attacks to protect your sensitive information. If you were a participant in the members-only forums of the Grand Lodge, we strongly urge you to consdier changing the passwords to you use on other web sites and e-mail accounts.

By IL FOP Labor Council, Staff



The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) State Lodge and Labor Council have both endorsed Illinois State Trooper Steve Caramelli for 22nd District State Senate. Caramelli, a Democrat, is running for the seat being vacated by Senator Michael Noland.

“Steve has dedicated his working life to helping people and keeping them safe, and will  fight for working men and women, better schools, public safety, and a better future for our state,” said Illinois FOP State Lodge President Chris Southwood.

“Steve won’t be bullied by those who want to take away the rights of working people to get a fair wage and benefits and earn a modest, well-deserved retirement for themselves and their families,” said Illinois FOP Labor Council Executive Director David Wickster.

“I am grateful for the support my fellow law enforcement officers have given to my candidacy. We need a different approach to tackling our big problems in state government,” Caramelli said. “People from the 22nd District tell me we need to agree on a balanced budget and make our state more competitive economically, but we should never compromise on our commitment to working families.”

Caramelli worked his way through college as a motor truck driver, is a former member of Teamsters Local 700 and the Cement Masons Union Local 502, and has worked for the past 12 years as a police officer, including the last decade for the Illinois State Police. He has been active on the political scene in northwestern Cook County for several years. He was elected as a Hanover Township trustee in 2013 and became Hanover Township Democratic Committeeman in 2014.

Caramelli has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois-Chicago and has made progress toward a master’s degree in public administration at UIC. He is engaged to be married, and his son Matthew is a fifth grader in the U-46 school district. His parents, longtime loyal union members, immigrated from Mexico and Italy. Caramelli speaks fluent English, Spanish and Italian.           

The Fraternal Order of Police, founded in 1915, is the largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers in the United States. With a proud tradition of officers representing officers, the FOP is the most respected and most recognized police organization in the country. The Illinois FOP State Lodge, chartered in 1963, is the second largest State Lodge, proudly representing more than 32,000 active duty and retired police officers - more than 10 percent of all FOP members nationwide. Visit for more information.

The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council is a law enforcement union representing more than 11,600 professionals in more than 514 bargaining units who work in the criminal justice system. The Labor Council negotiates and enforces contracts and  improves salaries, working conditions, and benefits for law enforcement professionals throughout Illinois. Its members include police officers who work for municipalities, universities, and elected Constitutional officials; county sheriff’s deputies, correctional and court security officers; probation officers; 911 telecommunicators; law enforcement records personnel; and some related support staff. Visit for more information. 

By David Wickster, Executive Director


The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council is a Law Enforcement Union representing some 10,000 plus professionals who work in the Criminal Justice Arena and are granted their collective bargaining rights under the Illinois Labor Relations Act.  Our members are Municipal Police Officers, County Sheriff’s Deputies, Police Officers who work for Elected Constitutional Officers, University Police Officers, County Correctional Officers, Court Security Officers, Probation Officers, 911 Telecommunicators, Records Personnel and some related Support Staff. 

Outside the City of Chicago the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council represents more law enforcement professionals than any other union in Illinois with over 490 bargaining units.  Our largest units boast membership numbers in the hundreds, while some of our smallest units consist of only four to five members.  We have a presence in some of the most remote parts of the State, such as the Cities of Beardstown and Metropolis and the Counties of Washington and Union, as well as some of the densest regions, such as the Chicagoland Area and Cook County.


Experienced Labor Professionals

The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council prides itself in representing its membership in the specialized field of public sector/public safety labor representation.  With a full time staff of 13 attorneys and 13 field representatives, all responsible for negotiating contracts and representing membership, the FOP Labor Council has 208 years of combined Law Enforcement experience and 475 years of labor experience, collectively. 

With offices in Western Springs (north) and Springfield (south), the FOP Labor Council is the only union who can meet the demands of law enforcement professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with 10 administrative staff members and a 24 hour emergency hotline.

A Long and Strong Tradition

The Illinois FOP Labor Council was originally framed as a “Labor Committee” of the Illinois FOP State Lodge back in 1983 in anticipation of police officers gaining the right to collectively bargain.  In 1984 collective begging became collective bargaining with the inclusion of police officers and firefighters under the Illinois Labor Relations Act.

With the onslaught of police officers seeking rights under collective bargaining the Labor Committee quickly evolved into an independent entity known today as the FOP Labor Council.  Several active law enforcement officers from across the state left the security of their employment to help form the Labor Council.  Their dedication and commitment established the backbone of the Labor Council which today employs labor experts with experience from across a broad range of the labor relations spectrum.