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By Kimkea Harris, Attorney - Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Dedicated and novice Team Members Michelle Staples, Jeff DeVries, Mark Moore and Paul Ganier sharpened their bargaining chops on their first contract which settled in only 3 sessions and ushered in first time breakthroughs to the bargaining unit. The Team was sympathetic with the Village's financial plight and in a corroborative action probably never seen at this Village was able to reach a settlement that benefited all involved.  The unit waived cost of living raises for the first year, but negotiated a 2.5% increase the second year for a shortened contract term.  The Team made several significant financial gains such as:  Securing Holidays and Holiday pay for the first time; increasing longevity pay; increasing uniform allowance; securing that the membership's vests are up to date and safe; memoralizing specialty pay for FTO's; obtaining tuition reimbursement; and securing a health insurance pay out for those who don't use the Village's insurance.  The Team also eliminated residency requirements, incorporated a highly regarded work schedule in the CBA; clarified overtime pay requirements; adjusted minimum staffing requirements and extablished procedures to eliminate discipline from employee's records.  This Team really established themselves as having a bright future as contract negotiators.