The Illinois FOP Labor Council

The Labor Council provides full union representation: negotiating and enforcing contracts, improving salaries, working conditions, and benefits for law enforcement professionals throughout Illinois. Our members are protected 24 hours a day by a staff of full-time, in-house attorneys and field representatives who have a proven track record of winning.

24 Hour Critical Incident Hotline: 877-IFOP-911

By Pete Balderas, Field Representative


Pete Balderas assisted Bargaining Team Members Bill Watson, Woody Fuller, and Marc Rupert, in negotiating a 5-year successor Agreement, which features increases to their Educational Stipend, OIC and Shift Differential. Officers also negotiated away their wage matrix with steps for $6,600 added to their base salary, plus $450 in bonus money.     

By Richard Stomper, Field Representative


Significant economic gains were attained in the new Fox Lake collective bargaining agreement.  Wages were increased by 10% over the course of the 4-year term.  Detectives will receive an additional $1.73 per hour. Sergeant  wages were further improved from 7% above top patrol rate to 8%.  Important non-economic gains included shift bidding for all officers after three years of service.  In addition, IL residency requirements were eleminated. 

By Jay Titus, Field Representitive


The Rock Falls Police Department have a new 3-year agreement.  The team was able to negotiate an increase in wages for each of the three years, an increase in meal reimbursements, added a longevity step, added a detective stipend and increased the base pay for newly promoted Sergeants.  The unit was represented  by Mark Davis and David Pilgrim who did an outstanding job!

By Joe Kalita, Field Representative


Glencoe Public Safety Officers have completed bargaining for their second contract with the Labor Council.  The duration of the contract is four years and wages will increase 10.25% over the term.  This increase will help the unit remain competitive with wages in the area.  The members made gains in use of Holiday Time and in discipline regarding responding to department call-outs.  Although insurance premiums for members increased marginally, a new tier of employee plus one was added for member use.  The agreement is fair and equitable for both parties and was reached in a short period of time in an amicable manner.

By Kevin Krug, Field Representative


The Labor Council took over this unit previously represented by PBLC and made some major gains for the membership; alternative appeal process through grievance and arbitration rather than only through the Board of Fire and Police Commission; implemented the Illinois Employees Sick Leave Act provisions;  added text to protect the Union's rigth to bargain over mandatory subjects not referred to in the collective bargaining agreement.

By IL FOP Labor Council, Staff



Thursday, May 25, 2017- 9am-4:30pm

LOCATION: Belleville Police Department

720 W Main St., Belleville, IL 62220


Class size is limited to the first 30 participants.  Please register with Chris Flynn at (217) 698-9433 or email: Lunch will be provided.

9- 11:00am (Dave Nixon and Jerry Lieb) Fraternal vs Labor (New Steward Training)

Members will learn the distinction between IL FOP State Lodge vs IL FOP Labor Council and the importance of each.  Instruction will cover the following topics: running meetings, developing by-laws, grievance preparation, and duties for representing your membership. (We recommend you encourage your membership to join FOP Legal Defense) 

 11:00am- 12:00pm Lunch provided on-site

 12:00- 2:00pm (Mike Powell and Gary Bailey) Collective Bargaining

Attendees will receive instruction on preparation for negotiations/ reaching tentative agreement or impasse/ mediation and arbitration.

  2:00- 2:15pm Break

  2:15-4:30pm (Dan Bailey and Tamara Cummings) Handling a Critical Incident

Members will learn their role in handling a critical incident, and what they should do to protect the rights of their coworkers. IL FOP LC Critical Incident Hotline 1-(877) IFOP-911