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By Dan Bailey, Field Representative - Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Congratulations to the Vermilion County Deputy unit on the settlement of their most recent contract!  The deal was for three years and included a 6.75% increase in wages over the term of the contract, loosened benefit time restrictions and an increase in the longevity scale.  The unit did have to concede an extension of their probationary period for all new hires. The negotiations took place in Danville, Illinois.  The bargaining team of John Watson, Ryan Goodner and James Wright were assisted by Field Rep Dan Bailey.

By Doug Crawford, Field Representative - Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Macoupin Probation Officers and Secretaries settled a three-year deal.   Sick leave accumulation was increased to 12/yr and 221 cap.  IMRF buyback now allowed.  Personal days went from 2 to 3 annually.  Wages increased by 7% (equity pay for the two junior employees) plus yr 2, 2%, and yr 3, 2%, all others get 2% annually on base (2/2/2).  John Murphy and David Wickert with Field Rep Doug Crawford bargained the deal for the members.

By Ryan Olier, Field Representitive - Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Congratulations to the Dupo Patrol Officers and Sergeants on reaching a three-year agreement with the Village.  The new agreement shows a modest increase in wages, and increase in uniform allowance, a flat monetary stipend for court time, and a take home squad car, as long as you live within seven miles from the Village of Dupo.  Negotiations were led by Jason Cooper, Mike Sullivan, Ryan Corbin, and assisted by Field Representative Ryan Olier.


By Tamara Cummings, General Counsel - Tuesday, October 10, 2017


The Labor Council is pleased to announce that after many months of hard work, the Calumet City Patrol Unit was able to reach an agreement with the Employer for a four year contract, lasting until 4/30/20.    The members will receive COLA  based salary increases each year of the agreement, with a floor of 1.5% and a ceiling of 2.5%.  Also, members in the position of sergeant and above will have additional money added to their base pay each year and any member who does not use a sick day during the fiscal year will be rewarded with a bonus day.  The parties also committed to meeting regularly to discuss and make recommendations regarding the promotional process and other issues of concern. General Counsel Tamara Cummings worked with Kevin Rapacz, Jeff McBrayer, Mo Plavsa, Casey Erickson, Bill Slough, Mike Serrano, Asher Dimitroff, Andre Black and Bob Hynek to reach this agreement.

By Keith Turney, Field Representative - Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Livingston County Probation gained a 6% increase in wages over the course of a three-year contract.  Unfortunately, wage gains came at a cost, as the employer demanded an increase in employee insurance premiums to 20%.  Overall, Probation weathered a horrific storm, whereas non-union employees faced similar insurance increases without commensurate wage increases.  Illinois FOP Labor Council Field Representative Keith Turney was quoted as saying "Bargaining team members Eric Mund and Mark Salata represented their membership with a focused dedication that took into account every aspect of their job and the interests of every member of their bargaining unit."  A signing bonus, expedited grievance procedure and job posting requirements enhanced the units current benefits as well.

By Dave Nixon, Field Representative - Tuesday, September 26, 2017


A three year agreement was reached in the first negotiations following O'Fallon becoming a combined PSAP 911 center.  Wages for TC's in the first year were increased by a market adjustment and a new percentage base wage scale was created.  Wages were also increased by 3% in each of the remaining two years.  Other classifications had a new percentage base scale introduced with wage increases of 3% in each year of the contract.  Changes were also made in the overtime distribution provision; adding shift differential pay to the base, and a commitment to continue to meet regarding staffing and overtime issues of the new 911 center.  The local team was headed by Jared Runyan, who was assisted by Michelle Foster and Erik Mensen.  Field Representative David Nixon assisted the local team in the negotiations.