• April 03, 2020
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  • Check your Pay Stub
    Updated On: Jul 26, 2019



                      RETRO-PAY RESOLVED?

                                      By Gary Bailey, Attorney - Friday, July 26, 2019

    The Union has received copies of pay stubs from CCSP officers that their pay has been adjusted to reflect the compression raise that went into effect the first full pay period following June 1, 2019 (which was supposed to appear on your June 28 paycheck).

    After this error was identified, the Union contacted County officials, who acknowledged the problem and admitted that it would owe “retro pay” for the lost monies.  While it appears that the problem has been corrected, THE UNION ADVISES YOU TO CHECK YOUR PAY STUB TO BE SURE YOU RECEIVED THE RAISE.

    The Union is undertaking further investigation to be sure these adjustments are accurate.  The Union does not have access to everyone’s paycheck, so if YOU have an issue, contact your steward or the Union office.  The “retro pay” appears to be located under the headings “Prior Period PTO”, “Prior Period Hours” and “Prior Period OT”.  Review your pay stub!!!

    The Union has already filed a grievance over the pay error, so you are covered by that grievance if you should find an error.  But notify the Union of your issue so steps can be taken to correct it. The Union will not be aware of any problem unless you speak up.

    IF YOUR PAYCHECK SHOWS ANY OTHER IRREGULARITIES, contact your Union Steward so inquiries can be made and, if necessary, a grievance can be prepared and filed.

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