• August 15, 2020
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    Updated On: Apr 27, 2020

       Update on Deputies Transferred to the Jail

          By Sander Weiner, Attorney - Monday, April 27, 2020

                With respect to ALL Deputies who have been sent to the Jail, the IFOP Labor Council has taken the position that these are temporary reassignments and that any reclassification to the position of Correctional Officer is improper.  The Sheriff, however, over our objection, has reclassified these Deputies as Correctional Officers. We will continue to object to that reclassification.   

                    As for the most recent group of Deputies sent to the jail, the Labor Council filed a TRO asking the judge to stop the temporary transfer due to safety concerns based on the fact that this group never worked in the jail and did not have the proper training to work safely in the jail.  While the judge allowed the transfer to occur, he ordered that specific safety steps MUST be followed.  Specifically, he ordered the Sheriff to “take all steps possible to make sure Deputies are matched to assignments in the jail based on experience and skillset AND Deputies will be paired up with an experienced Correctional Officer”.  IF THIS ORDER IS NOT BEING FOLLOWED NOTIFY THE UNION IMMEDIATELY SO THAT WE CAN RETURN TO COURT AND BRING ANY SAFETY ISSUES TO THE JUDGE’S ATTENTION.

                    All Deputies transferred to the jail are entitled to the same benefits as similarly situated Correctional Officers.  These benefits are:    

    Anyone working an isolation, quarantine, or emergency housing assignment receives an extra half hour of pay for every hour worked added to their compensatory time bank.

    Those on the 1st and 3rd shift receive an additional $0.25 shift differential. Anyone assigned to maximum security (Div. 9 and 10) receives a $1.00/hr shift differential.             

    If you are unable to take a lunch break, you are entitled to receive either an additional half hour of pay or 1 hour added to your compensatory bank.        

    Depending on how long these temporary assignments last, Deputies assigned to CCDOC may be entitled to roll call pay under the Side Letter Agreement in the CBA.        

    The Union is aware that D2B’s assigned to CCDOC are being classified and paid as a CO1, which is a decrease in pay. The Union has filed a grievance on this and will continue to fight to ensure Deputies pay is not decreased due to this emergency assignment.             

                    If you are not receiving these benefits, please notify the Union.

                    We will continue to monitor and enforce the TRO and pursue grievances that have been filed under the Deputies’ contract.  If you are classified as a Correctional Officer, you fall under the Correctional Officers’ Contract and are entitled to all the benefits of that Contract.  While the Labor Council does not have standing to enforce the Correctional Officers’ Contract, you have the right to file your own grievances under that contract.  We encourage you to do that if you believe that your rights under that contract have been violated.

    (To view the order from Judge Jacobius click image below)

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