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  • Centralia Patrol
    Updated On: Jan 11, 2021

       Centralia Patrol 

          By Dan Bailey, Field Representative- Tuesday, November 10, 2020

             The Centralia Police bargaining unit should be congratulated on the settlement of their recent contract.  Facing an uphill battle with low wages.   Facing an uphill battle with low wages, the negotiating team switched gears and instead got many benefits expanded that will greatly benefit the unit.  Among those are an increase in CTO, language that personal leave cannot be denied, an increase in residency, reduce minimum vacation increments and secondary employment language.  The team also successfully, negotiated twelve hour shifts language.  The unit did not have to concede a change to their shift bidding process, but was able to negotiate away a more aggressive proposal by the City.  The bargaining unit team consisted of Gary Denton, Ryan Bundy and Billy White.

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