• April 03, 2020
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    Apr 02, 2020

       Best Practices to Consider

          Complied by National Sergeant at Arms Keith Turney - Thursday, April 2, 2020

    Keep Your Lines of Communication Open

    Labor/Management relations vary from exceptionally good, to terribly bad. One thing to remember is that in times of crisis the law enforcement community historically bands together. Be prepared to set aside minor disagreements to ensure that your members receive all the protections necessary in this time of crisis.

    Work with your governmental bodies to ensure that they understand what you are facing during this pandemic. Don’t assume that they understand that you understand their directives. Question, question, question. Demand clear and concise policies to ensure there is no miscommunication. Agree that in this fluid environment, things will change on short notice. All the more reason for clear, concise policies that are time and date stamped.

    Encourage health care providers to provide your 911 centers with COVID-19 positive cases in your community of service. For those reluctant to provide this information refer them to U.S Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Civil Rights document; COVID-19 and HIPAA: Disclosures to law enforcement, paramedics, other first responders and public health authorities

    Properly communicate with the public, policies and procedures that are in place and how law enforcement will respond to emergency and non-emergency situations. Keep community partners and stakeholders fully informed so that they can amplify your public communications.


    Consider Alternate Means of Providing Service

    Implement a telephone reporting operation to address reporting requirements for low-level incidents. If you have a telephone reporting unit, enhance its use by allowing less-essential personnel working from home to take reports. Quarantined personnel who are asymptomatic can be a great asset, either taking reports or following up on open cases from home.


    Practice Distance Policing

    Overlook minor traffic violations to avoid person to person contact. Utilize public address systems where appropriate. Remember that a wave has replaced a handshake. Avoid direct contact with individuals who may have COVID-19 until you have the appropriate PPE if at all possible. Follow CDC protection recommendations where practical.  Maintain a distance of at least six feet to provide protection from transmission of COVID-19. Implement Remote Roll Calls to avoid clustering of personnel. Where weather permits, move roll calls outside and practice social distancing. Utilize technology to replace face to face communications. If you feel sick – you are! Remove yourself from the workforce, avoid family and friends, self-quarantine and seek medical evaluation.


    Implement Creative Scheduling

    Many jurisdictions are converting to 12 hour shifts to avoid cross-contamination in the workforce. Several departments are implementing platoon concepts, keeping the same officers and supervisors always working together, because of the same cross-contamination fears. Workforces are being split where half the force stays home, while the other half works. As officers fall sick, reserves from home are called upon.  Extended work schedules such as 14 days in a row are being implemented to allow for illness and quarantines. Remind command staff that any alteration in scheduling should be discussed with employee representative groups to ensure smooth transitions and to get the best ideas from the field!  


    Family First

    With schools and day care facilities closed several jurisdictions are finding that law enforcement families with stay home spouses are volunteering to perform day care functions and other related babysitting duties to lessen the burden upon those mandated to work. CDC guidelines on caring for children should always be practiced.   

    Consider alternate housing for quarantined officers. Sometimes it is impracticable to self-quarantine when household members are in at-risk categories (family members who are elderly or whose immune systems are already compromised). Many jurisdictions are reserving hotel space for their quarantine.

    Don’t forget to check in on the needs of family members whose loved ones are sick or hospitalized. 


    Retirees to the Rescue!

    Recently retired health care workers and law enforcement officers are being asked to return to duty to augment a depleting workforce. Many jurisdictions are lifting restrictions on recently retired personnel from re-entering the workforce. As this epidemic subsides, recovery will be slow. Don’t overlook our valuable retiree resource for volunteer opportunities!


    Continue Your Involvement in the Legislative Process

    Many states are enacting Presumptive Illness Orders in relation to COVID-19. Network with your contemporaries on this and other employee rights issues. Remind those in power that we are on the front lines of this fight. Remind them that law enforcement personnel must remain in the supply chain as Personal Protective Equipment becomes available.


    Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

    Every major law enforcement organization is compiling resources to combat COVID-19. Several of the links below can provide you with valuable information:

    Resource Library - Sponsored by CRI-TAC

    COVID-19 Library of Resources


    Law Enforcement and Correctional Facilities - Sponsored by the CDC




    Police Academy Status – Sponsored by IADLEST



    Identifying Critical Infrastructure During COVID-19 – Sponsored by U.S. Department of Homeland Security



    COVID-19 Resources for Law Enforcement – Sponsored by the National Police Foundation



    Law Enforcement Resources and Support – Sponsored by the FBINAA



    Workplace Issues – Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor





    Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program Solicitation FY 2020 Formula Grant Solicitation


    Apr 01, 2020

       Montgomery County

          By Mark Russillo, Field Representative - Wednesday, April 1, 2020

             Montgomery County Deputies recently added Sergeants to the bargaining unit, and established Investigator pay, with wage differential of $0.75/hour over their respective individual Deputy pay rate, plus $0.25/hour differential for the Investigator.  In addition, a Deputy must attain 2 years of experience within the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to qualify.

    Field Representative Mark Russillo assisted these Bargaining Committee Members:  Jeff Roach and Scott Woods.

    Mar 31, 2020

       College of Lake County

          By Sander Weiner, Attorney - Tuesday, March 31, 2020

             The College of Lake County settled a 3-year contract with 19.5%, 15% and 9% equity adjustments for its Telecommunicators, CSO, and Police Officers, respectively over the three years.  In addition, in exchange for getting rid of an incentive fitness plan, most or all specialties and special certifications will be entitled to incentive bonuses – depending on the weight of the same.  Additionally, shift differentials and uniform allowances were significantly increased.  This accomplishment is due, in no small part, to the negotiating team comprised of Chuck Scoles, Chris Coley, Frank Lesnak, Paul Davies and assisted by FOP LC attorney, Sander Weiner.


             Thanks to the bargaining unit’s healthy relationship with management, the parties were able to again utilize a rare but underrated style of bargaining known as “interest-based bargaining” to accomplish a mutually beneficial agreement that will benefit the members for years to come.  Congratulations to the bargaining team and those they represented on another successful negotiation.

    Mar 30, 2020

       Lake Bluff Patrol

          By Richard Stomper, Field Representative - Monday, March 30, 2020

             The Employer tried to obtain the right to use part-time police officers once again after having lost during the last round of bargaining on this issue in interest arbitration.  This time the issue was not pushed that far and the Employer finally dropped the issue.  The parties agreed to a three-year term with a 2.5% increase each year.  The bargaining unit was well represented by its team of Merritt Price, Tim Serdar, Tim Kreusch, and Naisla Corona. 

    Mar 27, 2020

       Oak Park Command

          By Kimkea Harris, Attorney - Friday, March 27, 2020

             The Team (Joshua Bartels, Dan Silva and Michael Rallidis) negotiated a three year contract with wages 2.5% for 2020 and effective raises of 3.0% for the final two years of the Agreement.  Members are also able to submit a written statement to the Chief outlining their position for oral and written reprimands.  The voluntary work details was adjusted to compensate members at overtime rate of 1-1/2% their normal rate.  The members also received an equity bonus of $1450 for the first year of the Agreement.

    Mar 26, 2020

    Click image for PDF version

    Mar 26, 2020


          By David Nixon, Field Representative - Thursday, March 26, 2020

             Three year agreement negotiated in the historical bargaining unit.  The agreement calls for a wage increase of 7-1/4% over the term of the agreement, as well as additional market increases, to reflect disparity with comparable municipalities.  The agreement also calls for increased insurance premium increases.  Insurance plan options include the availability of a QHDHP in the City contributing to Health Savings Account (HSA) of employees who participate in the plan.  Changes were made in the drug testing provisions.  The negotiations effort was led by Nate Medinger, President and other team members, Ted Teshak, Jeremy McAuliffe, Derrick Cullison, Jacob Trudell, David Gass, Pedro Valladares and Dave Callaway.  Field Representative David Nixon assisted the local team in the negotiations.

    Mar 25, 2020

       Macon Co Court Security Officers

          By David Nixon, Field Representative - Wednesday, March 25, 2020

             Macon County Court Security Officers recently inked their first contract with the County and the Sheriff.  Previously the group was unrepresented.  The major issue in the negotiations was a low salary.  Comparable information showed the group well behind.  The new contract calls for a wage increase of 15.6% over the term of the agreement.  The largest increase came in the first year.  The unit also was able to maintain an 18-step wage schedule in place.  Like all contracts, this is the start of a labor-management relationship.  While financially strapped, the Employer made a big step in setting things right.  This contract could not have been achieved without the efforts of the local team:  Robert Whitten, President; Kathleen Romer and Keith Mullins.  Field Representative David Nixon assisted the local team in this effort.

    Mar 24, 2020

       Effingham County Deputies

          By Jerry Lieb, Field Supervisor - Tuesday, March 24, 2020

             The Effingham County Sheriff was concerned over losing so many good officers to other departments and was determined to increase their starting pay to attract and keep good officers.  The parties agreed to add a lateral transfer provision which increased the starting pay to a little over $56,000 now, and will increase to over $57,000 in September of this year.  The Labor Committee Chairman Larry Finfrock helped to broker this deal.

    Mar 19, 2020

       2020 Officer Memorial Service Has Been Cancelled 

          By ILFOPLC, Staff - Thursday, March 19, 2020

     The Illinois Police Officers Memorial Committee was established in 1985. Our monument in Springfield, Illinois bears the names of the officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their communities. Every year on the first Thursday of May, we hold a ceremony to pay tribute to fallen officers and their families. We are grateful to all our contributors who have helped us keep these memories alive.

    2020 Ceremony

    We are grateful as a committee to be tasked with the honor to pay respectful tribute to those Law Enforcement Officers who gave their lives in the performance of their duties. We are committed to the safety and welfare to all that embrace this solemn task with us. We thank you all for your patience and understanding moving forward.

    National Police Prayer

    Almighty God, Father of all Mercies, we ask Thy Blessing and guidance upon all Law Enforcement Officers engaged in the protection of our citizens. Be with them in their lonely tours of duty while patrolling the busy streets of our cities and the remote area of the country. Give them the Blessings of Your Wisdom, to know and do what is right. Temper their actions with mercy and justice. When their tours are completed and the day is over, guide them safely home to their loved ones.

    We also ask Thy Blessing and eternal rest to all our Brothers and Sisters who have sacrificed their very lives in the performance of their duties. Give to their loved ones the peace and strength to bear the anguish of their loss. Remove all resentment from their hearts, knowing that eternal peace and rest will abide over their departed loved one forever. This we beg in Thy 

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